Training Options

Our personal dog training technique usually involves 6-7 weeks of one hour session per week. ¬†These sessions are conducted at the client’s home (in the Arvada/Denver area) and at their convenience. ¬†Clients are urged to schedule sessions down the line if new problem behaviors arise or even just to refresh on training.

Basic Obedience

The general program is designed to provide basic obedience training while focusing on the behaviors that each client specifically wants to work on with their dog(s). By allowing for a week in between sessions to practice, positive changes will take place and the client and dog will be ready to master old techniques and learn new ones in the next session. This program also allows dogs to not only learn the new desired behaviors, but to eventually practice them in new settings. Adding distractions, duration of behavior and distance from which they will respond will reinforce long-term outcomes.

Problem behaviors

If your dog already has basic obedience but is exhibiting problem behaviors that you wish to address, the amount of sessions required may vary. After a free consultation, we will discuss a training plan specific to your dog and proceed to implement that plan.


THE FIRST 1/2 HOUR CONSULTATION IS FREE (either by phone or in person depending on your location). After that, basic pricing is by session. Each personal training sessions start at $85 per hour (additional cost for commute or additional dogs). If 6 sessions are paid up front as a package, there is a 10% discount.

Please contact us with any questions about additional services or pricing