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For those of you with playful lap dwellers or cuddle bugs, you know that your dog always wants to be next to you. Instead of letting your dog dictate when he/she gets to be on top of you, why not make that decision yourself. Not only will this allow you to eat on the couch in peace, but setting these boundaries is great practice for impulse control for your furry lapdog.
Start by gently brushing your dog off and standing up every time he/she jumps up on the couch uninvited. Do this a few times to get the message across. You don’t need to say anything or do anything physical other than stand up (and brush them off if necessary, although standing is sometimes enough). This will get the message across that there will be no attention given when your dog jumps up uninvited! Next, call your dog over while sitting on the couch and ask him/her to sit next to the couch. Once seated, pat the couch and enthusiastically invite them to come sit with you. Calmly pet your dog and give him/her attention and love. This will teach your dog that they will get the attention they crave when they politely sit and ask to come up first. Repeat this over and over until your dog gets the idea.
DO NOT let your pup jump up uninvited again. Always stand up and/or brush them off so that you can try again with a polite sit. This technique will work on any furniture, so make sure you use it for beds and chairs and anything else your best friend crawls onto with you. Many of you will still use almost every opportunity to invite your dog to sit with you, and I am guilty of that myself… At least this way, on the rare occasion that you don’t want all that fur and slobber on you, you can actually avoid it! Lets face it, your family and friends may also appreciate the lack of a dog in her lap when they visit…
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