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As the weather gets a bit colder and dogs are indoors more, make sure to keep an eye on their environment.  A huge misconception is that dogs must be given free range of the home and that it is cruel to put a dog in a crate. On the contrary! It is important to make time to get your dog the exercise they need with long walks or trips to the park. If their exercise needs are met, however, a dog that cannot handle being alone without getting into trouble should be kept in a safe area or crate where he/she is not given the opportunity to get into anything. Not only is it important to avoid poor behavioral habits from developing, but it is important for a dog’s safety as well. Crates not only serve as a barrier from the rest of the home, but also as a safe place where a dog can feel less overwhelmed or anxious.  Make sure to get your dog used to the crate in a successful manner that involves lots of treats, starts with small sessions and maintains that the crate is always a positive place to be! This will help your dog to remain calm, comfortable and out of trouble while you are gone!destructive puppy

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